It’s gettin hot in here

OMG is it hot in Los Angeles right now. All summer my friends would complain about the heat I would taunt them with my east coast tough girl routine. Seriously, 90 degrees with no humidity isn’t hot. Especially when my past summers in D.C. were hot as hell … 90 degrees with 100% humidity is hot. But the weather this past week in Los Angeles made me eat my words.

It was 108 degrees today. Oh and did I mention I don’t have air conditioning? I am roasting right now. So my in apartment attire is lingerie, and not a lot of it. And because I am a fashion junkie any old bra and panties would never do. I have to dress in style while I sweat.

Today I am rocking Betsey Johnson. I love Betsey Johnson lingerie. It’s cute, it’s comfortable, and it’s perfect.

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