I hate Steve Madden

Oops he did it again, he knocked off another shoe and made it look like shit.

The Real Deal: Christian Louboutin $925

The Icky Knock-off: Steve Madden $149

5 thoughts on “I hate Steve Madden”

  1. at least steve madden didn’t try and copy the red sole thing like ‘Oh Deer’ does!!!
    But yes, the Steve Madden version looks like a novetly shoe!!!

  2. I have a girlfriend that once dragged me all of Atlanta to every steve madden. This was when there wasn’t one where we lived( Charlotte). I still hate that store til this day because of her…:)

  3. dammit Steve Madden! always making nasty knockoffs! That, that thing doesn’t hold a candle to the man with the red sole! GUH! and hell to tha nawa LOL

  4. ugh! Steve Madden is for poor people. I can see being inspired to make a design but a blatant rip off from someone else? Give me a break! I will never drop a cent on a shoe made from China.

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