I am not my hair … I am not my hair

As I am sitting here in my underwear, covered in sweat because my apartment is like a freaking sauna, I have started thinking about my hair.


For those who know me personally, you know that this topic comes up a lot. I have dreads. I have had them almost 8 years. They are fabulous. They score me compliments and head turns everyday. Here is the thing though, they have gotten long during all of these years — they are almost ass length. When you have super thick and super long hair, it gets hot. Seriously my head is on fire 24 hours a day.

I am also a creature who loves change. I have changed looks too many times to count. With my hair you can’t really do too much. Leave it down, put it in a ponytail that is so long it looks like my hair is down, put a headband on, throw on a hat. The last time I tried to color these things the results were disastrous (tears were shed).

So I am yet again contemplating cutting them off. Dreads are an all or nothing deal. You can’t take your dreads for a trim. Hair gets cut off! Goodbye, gone. I will probably be left with a 2-3 inches of hair.


But it’s hair. Hair grows back. Hair can get fake hair tied into it. Change is good right. Can I be the girl that can pull off super short hair? Can I be the girl that comes to work in an insane pink wig and look like a rockstar? Will change we good or will I regret the decision forever.

I need help people!! Please comment with your opinion or any chopped off all of my hair stories. I will love you forever.

9 thoughts on “I am not my hair … I am not my hair”

  1. I once got my hair chopped so short that clippers had to be used to trim my hairline, and at first there was a lot of freaking out, but people really liked it and thought it was cute. You look like you have a good face shape for extreme haircuts, so I think that it will probably look good, and if it doesn’t there’s always things that can be done and it’ll grow back too. So, I’m all for it. Just don’t be the girl that looses all her hair and then puts on a wig that looks like it was pulled from a dumpster.

  2. I think you would rock short hair! I just recently went from hair that was down to the middle of my back to above my shoulders and i was freaking the fuck out – but now I love it (even tho my hair grows super slow!) I’m actually of thinking of going shorter!

  3. I personally love dreads! I wish I was patient and daring enough to have them here in Singapore…so, I would hate to see them gone when you look so good in them….


    like you said, change is good..and you have a face dat can make short hair so hott…so, yah..maybe you should go for it…

    Regret for something you did…but don’t regret coz you didn’t do “it”!

  4. I’ve chopped my hair off before, and it’s a nice relief. No more fussing over long hair! But you’re right–hair grows back…even if you don’t like short hair, it’s not permanent. But think of all the cute hair accessories you could wear with a short style!

  5. Hot no matter what. Hair, no hair, bald. You could lose an appendage or an eye and still pull off hot.

    I have complete confidence you’ll figure out how to pull it off. You are too hot not to.

    (not that that makes it any easier and I’m sure tears will be shed again)

  6. You’re gonna love it, I cut off my dreds a few years ago after having them for about 7 years and it felt really good. It was time for a change. Now I do a curly look (courtesy of Miss Jessie’s hair pudding) or flat iron it straight…love, love, love the versatility!

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