Eyebrow waxing at Benefit

While I was at Benefit learning how to use all of their cool products I decided to take advantage of something of their in store beauty treatments. They were offering free eyebrow waxing and eyelash tinting. Since my eyelashes are already plenty dark I opted for the waxing.

It was definitely going to be a challenge for them, after I all I did a number on my brows at home. Not that my at home job was that bad, but I did manage to put a hole in my left brow.

(Click photo to make larger)

The brow expert from their corporate offices set me down in their adorable little waxing station and went to work. I tell you there is nothing better than having hot wax slathered on your face. The end results were clean and soft looking brows, just how I like em. She filled in my hole with their Brow Zing kit and suggest I follow up with that everyday until my hole fills back in (I know I am a fool).

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