Dear Fashion Kitty: Dressing up my dress

I got this J.Crew dress as a gift and as I have kind of a prom (“kind of”, b/c I’m living in Poland) coming in January, I thought I could wear it then. BUT here comes the dilemma- is it possible to make this lovely but modest dress look stylish, chic and sexy? I’d really appreciate it if you could help me out and suggest some shoes, jewelry, etc…

Great basic, there is a lot you can do with dress. You can of course go simple and classic with a pearl necklace and t-strap shoes but that is so *yawn.* boring.

The key is not to make this look like you totally rebelled against the dress but you can certainly give this dress a high fashion makeover very simply. I would go glam rock with it by adding a funky wide belt, studded and stoned jewelry, and purple smokey eyes (to tie in the purple of the dress).

Accessories from Net-a-Porter and cosmetics from Sephora. These are of course inspiration pieces, you find items like this for less all over.

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