Dear Fashion Kitty: What to wear to a job interview

Hello Fashion Kitty,

I have a interview coming up and have no idea what is appropriate to wear. I am in my late 40’s and it is for a retail position.

Thanks much.

Job interviews are always tough, especially for a retail position (which I had my fair of share of).ili There is no need to wear a suit but is important to be well dressed and up on trends. Remember its always best to be overdressed during a job interview.

This is what I suggest … On top a white blouse in whichever style suits you best, paired with black trouers or a pencil skirt. Make sure you wear heels (you are interviewing with fashion-y people) but leave the sky high stilettos at home because you don’t want to look cheap.

Now here is the important part. Now that you have a nice solid base of an outfit that can do you no wrong … you need a conversation piece. This can be something that is hot/ trendy for the season like a great menswear inspired vest or you can go for something totally unique like a great pair of colored reading glasses or a great piece of jewelry that always nabs you compliments.

And here comes the cheesy part … just be confident, bring your resume, and smile (a lot).

Below are some great ensembles to be inspired by from Net-a-porter. All of these outfits incorporate classic elements with trendy pieces. You can add or take away the trendy elements based on your comfort level, but notice they all start with a solid base.

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