Dear Fashion Kitty: The Skinny on Leggings

I’m embracing the whole tunic thing this fall — went a little nuts at Calypso on some great cashmere knits this weekend. But I’m having a hard time finding any decent leggings.

What’s the deal — were leggings a springtime thing?

I prefer the sleek stretchy spandexy ones over American Apparel’s cotton stiffies. I saw some knit ones from DKNY and Aqua over the weekend, but nothing to write home about. Where should i look for chic, sassy, shapely leggings in a fall palette (greys, plums, navy, black, browns, etc…)

Also, can you confirm or diss my fall fashion uniform concept: knit tunic, leggings, tall badass boots, and some kind of OTT scarf. And possibly a duster coat, too.


Laetitia B. Leggins

Leggings are still in and will be for quite sometime, plus they are comfortable as hell. I checked out a few sites and the good news is that there is a huge selection and a bunch on sale. Yeah for sales.

Net-a-Porter had tons in different colors, textures, and prints. Some that I really liked were Gray merino wool fine knit leggings by Iisli. They don’t have that spandexy look about them but Iisli makes really great quality stuff and these will be perfect for winter.

These So Fine Long Leggings sold at come in cream, chocolate, charcoal, and black. They have have a bit of Lycra in them so they keep their shape all day long, at $48 they won’t break the bank either.

The blue on this pair may be a little brighter than the navy you wanted but the price is right and they have a decent sheen to ’em. Another brand to look for is James Perse, the price is a tad high ($89 for leggings) but the quality is there … you might get lucky at a place like Nordstrom Rack.

Any who… I could go all day about leggings. So here is what I leave you: a pretty picture of my favorite leggings and some stores to check out …


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