Dear Fashion Kitty: Celebrity vs. Designer

Can you do a product comparison of celebrity labels vs. normal labels and see which one is better quality?

I’m so sick of these celebrity lines that charge an arm and a leg for crappy quality clothes and shoes. For example, did you know that House of Dereon has a pair of boots on that are going for $260? How ridiculous is that? If I can get a pair of Michael Kors boots for that same price (which I did, and they’re still going strong after 3 years) then something is up, I smell a rat. I’ve got to give it to J-Lo though, her stuff is at least affordable (they sell it in Hechts after all), and at least Gwen Stefani’s stuff is super awesome and stylish and worth paying an arm and a leg for.

Good question, easy answer. Don’t wear crappy celebrity clothing lines unless they are by Gwen Stefani.

Okay, that was harsh. Please read on…

I can’t give you an educated answer as far as quality goes for labels like Sweet Face (J Lo’s line) or House of Dereon (Beyonce’s line) because I won’t put those clothes on my back. I did accidentally touch a dress by House of Dereon once and it didn’t feel very good.

The only reason to wear a celebrity clothing line is if it unbelievably cute and affordable. Of course this rule only applies to trendy pieces. Example: if you were to find a kick ass pair of oxford booties by Sweet Face for $150 and a pair which is also cute from Michael Kors for $395 you might want to consider the cheaper pair since these boots are so trendy. Mind you I would never do this, so act with caution … make sure no one can tell who your boots are by and for sure don’t ever tell them.

There is a reason why people spend money on real labels like Michael Kors, these designers have spent time and money building their brand and building our trust. Some woman with a giant ass hasn’t gained my trust and isn’t about to with a cheap pair of shoes.

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  1. At work once, we purchased a pair of J.Lo pants for part of a dance costume. They were some kind of silk blend; really soft with way cute pockets and drawstring accents. But, Dereon burns by eyes, so I can’t imagine what it would do to your skin. The reconstructive surgery would set you way back I’m sure.

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