Closer still

I went in for my hair consultation this evening and I am so excited. I am really going to do this and turns out the timing couldn’t be better. Let me start from the beginning…

I headed down Robertson Blvd. to the salon with my insane collage of my new hair cut from every angle in hand and a separate page of potential colors. When I arrived at the salon I was delighted with it’s simplicity and utter cuteness. It wasn’t all snooty, it wasn’t “so L.A.” at all … even though A listers visit this salon. The salon is ultra teeny but feels like home, just how a black salon should.

I went inside and spoke to Sharon, who will be doing my hair. There was something about her that I loved. She had a sweet motherly feel about her and she was patient with my hyper/ neurotic state. I think she thought I was cute (I can trick people into thinking that pretty easily).

We discussed my new hair cut, which she loved. She told me to go with a dark brown color similar to my natural hair color ( I currently dye my hair black) with lighter pieces closer to the front. She said that going too light will be too shocking for me and we can go lighter next time.

Love her.

I wish I could have done my hair right then and there but we have to order my extensions first. She said I won’t need many because she can work a good bit of my natural (the part that isn’t dreaded yet). The hair is coming from New York so it will take a few days to get here. Once it arrives I am due to go in on Thursday as long as she can reschedule her other appointment (fingers crossed).

Oh yes on to the good timing. Excuse my insanity, I am overly caffeinated.

I asked her if she had ever cut off dreads before. She said yes two weeks ago. When I asked what style that client went with she said a wig. This woman had waiting too long to get her dreads cut out to the point they were falling out. The weight of her own hair was actually damaging her roots.

Could you imagine?

What if I waited too long and was forced to rock a wig?! I will keep you all posted on the status of my hair appointmen. Count down to the new Lauren begins now.

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