Betsey Johnson Must Haves

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I love Betsey Johnson (that’s no secret) here are the must have Betsey Johnson items of the moment.

Betsey Johnson Larissa Ribbed Solid Leg Warmers $24.00: Leg wear is back big time this fall. Tights, knee high socks, leggings, and leg warmers. I saw these leg warmers last week at Betsey and almost picked up a pair but I wasn’t sure how they fit. Now that they are being sold online I can see that they are the perfect fit. I love how they are paired up with shorts and heels … definitely something I would wear.

Pom pom earrings $50.00: I tried these on last week and they are CUTE! So cute. The only reason I didn’t buy them is because I have no self control and wouldn’t be able to save them for winter.

Charm School ring $40.00: If you can’t tell from the picture, that is a leopard print ring. I love it. It looks very vintage and is the perfect accessory to black cocktail dress.

Walsh Oxford Booties $230: We all know oxford booties are hot as hell right now but finding the perfect pair isn’t easy. I think I am inching towards perfection here. Wait … wait … 4 3/4 heel; we have reached perfection.

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