Benefit Beauty 101

I have always loved Benefit for their adorable packaging and unique products, yet I never really used too many of their products. They were so unique and advanced that I didn’t know what to do with them. I have now seen the light after speaking with expert Sara Reischman who gave me a lesson at Benefit’s Los Angeles store opening.

Benefit Beauty Must Haves
  • Benetint: I have always been terrified of Benetint, the liquid consistency gave me nightmares of having big red circles on my cheeks. But once I spoke to an expert at Benefit’s new LA store, I have seen the light. To apply mark an “X” on each cheek then quickly blend upward. The great part of Benetint is that it gives a natural glow and doesn’t look at all like you applied an obnoxious amount of blush.
  • Moon Beam: This stuff also intimidated me at first but once I tried it, I love it. Just apply a bit to your cheeks or your brow bone for a lovely highlight.Insider secret: Combine a little Moon Beam with Benetint for pinky glow which looks great or an evening look.
  • Crease-less shadow: I am the queen of the crease! No matter what I do I am all creased up by the end of the day. Finally I found a shadow that doesn’t crease (it’s long lasting too). My favorite colors are Town Car which is a black and Stiletto which is a purple/ mauve shade.
  • Kiss Me Lip gloss: This is lip gloss in the color “Kiss Me” is the top selling lip gloss for Benefit. The color looks a but weird in the tube (it’s a shimmery purple) but it is beautiful on. The color can stand alone or go over your lip color and it looks great on every skin tone.
  • Cupid’s Bow Lip Shaper: Benefit’s cupid bow lip duo gives you the illusion of just getting your lips done. Pretty good, no doctor visits required 😉
  • Boo Boo Zap: Everyone in the new Benefit store swears by this stuff! It is supposed to get rid of those zits in a day just by reapplying this clear liquid every so often. I sprouted a little zit (I know I am gross) today and applied some of this, I will know in a few hours if this stuff works.

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