Rachel Pally Sample Sale Round Up

Another day, another sample sale. I went to the Rachel Pally sample sale back in April and did pretty well for myself. So when another sale came along this pass weekend I knew I would be a fool to miss it.

I headed to Downtown L.A. on the second day of the sale, with my friend ready to snatch up some fantastic duds on the cheap. I was a bit shocked to see that this go round they charged for parking … but whatever it was only $3. The sale was packed full racks and bins of clothing just like the last time I was there. Since I already knew the layout I just dove right in.

Here is what I walked out with (oh did I mention I only spent $100):

1.) Halter Jumpsuit: I was a little timid about buying this one. I was for sure I would look like a total fool but for $35 I was willing to take the chance. When I came home and tried it on I was wishing I had two. I look like a total bad ass. The V comes down super low and my boobs look… well they look like perfection.

2.) Green tube top: Another one I thought I couldn’t pull of but at $15 I figure what the heck and now I really wish I bought 5 of them. The tube top stays up and not to toot my own horn but, I look pretty darn hot in it.

3.) Patterned tee shirt: This was a must have. I dug through three bins to find my size and it was worth it in the end. I have it on right now. The fit is flattering, the fabric is soft and I can easily dress it up or down; today I went for down I have it on with a pair of J Brand jeans.

4.) Skull scarf: It was love at first sight. It was also the last one 🙂

5.) Purple and gold belt: This was a waiting in line impulse by, hey it was only $6. The “buckle” comes off so I can also use the purple belt as a headband. 2 for 1 baby.

4 thoughts on “Rachel Pally Sample Sale Round Up”

  1. I love the skull scarf! I just saw that hautelook.com is doing a sample sale for this line tomorrow! They have amazing deals there. I love all their giveaways too!

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