Product Review: Raven Black Pashmina

I have always secretly wanted a pashmina. It first started when I was working at Nordstrom right out of college, I worked in the accessory department. The accessories department wasn’t bad, it was no contemporary department but it wasn’t bad. There were sunglasses, hair accessories, hats, gloves, scarves. We always had an endless supply of pashminas and I knew a ridiculous amount of ways to wear them.

Unfortunately during that time the only peoplel interested in them were old ladies. Which made a fresh faces fashionsita like myself turned off.

Fast forward to 2007 when we see a revival of the pashmina– especially here in L.A. Seems odd that people in L.A would rock a pashmina right? Well not really. Its never cold enough to wear a coat (although some who aren’t as tough as me do) so a simple scarf or wrap will do. Jessica Alba really made the style stick, it was soon coined the summer scarf.

So when contacted me about a product review, I jumped at the chance. I asked for the raven black pashmina because I knew I would actually wear the darn thing. When it arrived I wore it the next day (I get excited like that). I wore it with jeans and a simple tank top. It looked good … damn good. The prices are affordable, around $25. $25 is the perfect amount to spend on something you plan to wear for a trend piece. If you want an investment pashmina I would advise spending the extra money. But for me, this will do just fine.

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