OMG I am so L.A.

My family is in town to visit me this weekend so I get to do all of those touristy things that people who visit L.A. do. They have already visited Santa Monica; they walked the pier, visited the Third Street Promenade (shopping and homeless people… yeah), saw my office, hit Rodeo Drive, and spotted a celebrity (it was just Chris Rock but they flipped out with excitement). Today its going to be Hollywood Boulevard, Pink’s because my Dad won’t stop talking about it, The Grove, and whatever else I can think of.

It’s really crazy having my family come visit me in my territory. This is the first time they have all been here since I moved. I always go see them in D.C. where their antics are less shocking and I don’t realize how L.A. I have gotten. I even took this rad little quiz on Glam and even they say it!! OMG has my East Coastness left the building??? I am still a stone cold bitch and I think that is pretty East Coast so at least I have that going for me.

Here is what Glam has to say about my L.A. style…

For you heaven is combing the battery of L.A. boutiques in search of finds that complement your fashion repertoire, which can switch from flip-flop chic to Hollywood starlet with the bat of a lash. You’re just one of those girls who can grab a cute T, combine it with jeans and a funky belt, and look like a superstar. And you’re so cool no one even hates you for it.

Find out your city style at>

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