My New Favorite Fashion Movie: Factory Girl

Last night after I came down from my BBQ buzz, I came to by senses at some actual vegetables and cruised through Pay-per-View. I didn’t see anything I wanted to watch in the new releases, so I scrolled through the massive lists of “all movies” and found Factory Girl. I had totally forgotten that I wanted to see that movie.

Hello … I love it.

I love drug related movies for some reason (Blow, Gia, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) so this one was awesome. Not to mention its about one of my favorite people, Andy Warhol. The movie is coated in fashion and beauty, gotta love that retro eye make-up.

Some of my favorite pieces of her and Andy’s look were the sunglasses, which weren’t so round and obvious like you would expect, they were more 80’s. The giant earrings, seriously I had never seen earrings so big. The short hair, it made her big ass earrings and beautiful face of make-up stand out — hell it had me considering for the 100th time to cut my hair (that’s a whole other post). The tights. I love how every outfit could look hot with a pair of tights.

One thought on “My New Favorite Fashion Movie: Factory Girl”

  1. I love drug movies too.

    Valley of the Dolls, Another Day in Paradise, Requiem for a Dream…

    I’ll have to add Factory Girl to my Netflix queue.

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