Mission Accomplished

Today was a strange Saturday because I didn’t have S Factor today (will return next week), so I had the whole day devoted to me. I started off the day with a 3 mile jog/ walk to Larchmont and back, which was lovely. Most lovely part about it was that I went so early in the morning so none on the cute little shops were open so I could save my precious pennies for the rest of afternoon.

I had a mission today (which is unusual for my shopping trips). I wanted another pair of True Religion jeans, which currently rank as my second favorite brand in denim … Taverniti So still pulling in for first. I also wanted to pick up this awesome hat I saw on Melrose last week by Christy’s Crown.

Those are two potentially quick errands but I wanted to shop ALL day. Of course I planned shopping excursion never goes as planned, so the day started off a bit rocky. I went to Loehmanns in Burbank first … Yes I bargain shop. I chose the Burbank location because no one is ever there, the one on La Cienega is always a nightmare. I ALWAYS find True Religion’s there but this time there was like no selection. I found a black pair that looked spectacular on me BUT I already own black skinny jeans so no need for two. So I sucked it up and went to the Loehmanns on La Cienega. Ding ding, jackpot! So many pairs and I luckily found 4 different styles in my size. I left with this pair of True Religion Billy T’s. They have a straight leg which is new to me, I either go flare, wide, or skinny — so this is a good addition to my wardrobe.

I also drove over to Shop Intuition on Pico to check out their jeans. I always shop online at their boutique but had never gone in person. Today was a good day to go, everything in the store was 20% off. I left empty handed because the salespeople in their were real bitches. Those bitches aren’t getting any of my money. So I took myself back to Melrose to get my hat.

Here is a lesson for you all, I have said it before … If you love something GET IT. I had my heart set on the brown skull hat pictured. They sold out of the brown version so I was SOL, but they did have it in black so I went ahead and picked that one up.

All-in-all it wasn’t a perfect shopping day but I did accomplish my mission and I suppose that is what really counts.

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