Marc Jacobs Shades

Last year I bought a fabulous pair of Gucci sunglasses, only to find them broken this year. Nothing drastic, just the nose support fell off. Seemed like a simple fix but every single eye wear shop didn’t have a screw small enough to repair them. I am sure I could go on Rodeo Drive and have Gucci send them back to have them fixed, but the thought of being stared at on Rodeo while trying to get last years glasses fixed doesn’t appeal to me. I will do it someday. Just not today.

Since my beloved sunglasses broke I have been switching between a sample pair of aviators that Quiksilver sent me to review and some cheap ass glasses from Nordstrom’s BP department (read $5 sunglasses). I knew that both pairs were unacceptable but I wore them anyway.

Yesterday both pair broke.

Seriously. Both pairs. The arms of the Quiksilver’s broke off and I dropped the $5 pair and the frames cracked. I shouldn’t be surprised but two in one day is something.

So today I decided I wasn’t interested in cheap sunglasses nor was I interested in spending $400 on sunglasses again. So I went to Nordstrom Rack. Last time I went to the Rack I was disappointed but this time I was very happy with the selection.

They had tons of sunglasses, I wanted like 6 pairs. YSL, Roberto Cavalli, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Juicy Couture … Avaitors, round, rimless, you name it. Just when I thought I was going home with a YSL pair that looked worthy of Kanye West, I saw these babies from Marc Jacobs.

They are perfect. They have a touch of 80’s and touch of 60’s (a little Factory Girl if you will). They also reminded me of the Ray Bans that all the kids are wearing. I was so horrified that Ray Bans made a comeback that I refused to wear them … they started to grow on me but I had to stand my ground. Now I can wear the style with the label I love, Marc Jacobs.

Love you Marc.

5 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs Shades”

  1. funny. i have MJ aviators and RayBan non-aviators for REAL sunglasses that make my eyes feel happy that are also stylish with a gradient lens.
    but the reason i write is because i have this theory that when one pair goes they all go! just had this conversation a month ago as a friend told me his same story!
    so you should be good on sunglasses for a while now….

  2. Those are cute! Gotta love the Rack! I just got new Rx eyeglasses – two pairs of D&G frames with the Transitions lenses so they work as sunglasses too!

    Love your blog!

  3. I am in total need of new sunglasses for summer. My oversized Roberto Cavalli – esque – one’s don’t really cut it when I bound to get sunburnt =)

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