Hanes Fall Survival Guide

I will survive. Thanks to Hanes.

A few months back I decided to do a product review of Hanes undergarments. I wasn’t sure how I would like them because I am used to, well, fancier undies. But who am I to not try a cheaper alternative. I feel in love. The comfort, the support, the price … all fantastic. So when Hanes contacted me again asking me to review their Fall Survival Guide, I said sign me up.

The kit contains a Hanes All- Over Comfort Bra, which isn’t pictured because I am wearing it … So the best I can do is describe it: For starters its pink, has ComfortSoft straps that don’t dig into your shoulders. In fact, nothing digs into you because there are no tags and no under wire. Oh did I mention this bra is only $9.99. Seriously.

Oh yes … the things that are pictured.

Hanes hooked me up. 3 pairs of boy briefs which I am sure Hanes has no idea how much I appreciate these because I live in them after hours. You know how men come home drink some milk out the carton in their boxers? I come home and drink a gin and tonic in my ‘booty shorts’ aka boy briefs ( I have them on right now). There is also 2 pairs of all-over comfort bikini briefs that are in 2 pretty shades of pink. These look and feel fantastic but it will take a miracle to get me to stop wearing thongs.

Other essentials in the kit include; A cashmere sweater from J Crew in black, a lint shaver ( I have a total infatuation with this gadget), Gal Pal deodorant stain removers (necessary for the black sweater), the much coveted Lincoln Park at Midnight OPI nailcolor, Kiehls hand lotion, Borba cashmere fiber lip gloss, and yummy Marie Belle hot chocolate.

All of those goodies were packed inside of an awesome leather bag. Also inside the bag were a few tips from celebrity stylist Jen Rade, I have sneaking feeling that his awesome swag bag is her handiwork. Jen emphasis the body hugging silhouettes this fall that absolutely need a smooth line …

Ahem… Hanes undergarments ladies because lets face it, lace bras are hot but not when they are causing bumps in your fabulous outfit. Be smart when you put your panties on in the morning.

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