Back in Black

I drive down the same street every day and see this random little store. I stare at it in disgust. I know nothing about the store … but hey I am judgmental like that. So what! One day one of my friends/ co-workers had on this adorable little white dress. So I asked her where she got it and it turns out it was that horrible little store I had been so judgmental towards. Oops.

So today I left work a little early, okay like 3 hours early … so what! As I drove home I wrestled with either going home to stiff drink or doing a little shopping. Since I had all night to myself I figured a little shopping wouldn’t hurt. So I turned my VW Beetle around and went into the scary little shop. For all of you LAers the boutique is called Runway; its on La Brea (near Wilshire).

The outside of the store was shabby. Hell the inside wasn’t much better but it had ‘gem’ written all over it. I resisted diving into the old fashioned chest marked $5, $10 and $15 … I had to play it cool for goodness sake. So I went to the racks. They weren’t over cluttered, they were sparse like a normal boutique would be. I started to find some real gems.

Everything in the store falls under the disposable clothing category. $40 dollar jersey knit dresses, trendy tee shirts, etc. There is also a really great vintage area in the back. I grabbed about 10 things to try on and did pretty well for myself. Everything I left with was black, maybe because it hides the cheapness or maybe it I was feeling fat today (I was feeling a bit plump).

$150 later I left with 2 dresses, a cuff, a vintage sequin tube top, and a pair of sandals. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend $150, can you?

What I got:

  • Bubble hem black dress with rhinestone details at the top
  • V neck dress, tight at the bottom and loose at the top with flowing short sleeves
  • Clear vintage cuff with giant clear stones
  • Vintage black sequin tube top (will wear that with a white tee underneath)
  • Snake flats (for my Rachel Pally jumpsuit)

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