Would You Wear it?


Head Hoodies are pretty straight forward, its a head printed on the hood of a hoodie (say that three times fast). All of the heads are printed on American Apparel sweatshirts with your choice of zip-up, a fitted pull-over, or sleeveless. The head choices are pretty fierce; choose from Elvis, a skull, a clown, a gorilla and much more. My personal favorite “head” is the gorilla, then I can pose like some crazy gorilla bandit with a banana. (via ThisNext Blog)

3 thoughts on “Would You Wear it?”

  1. no i dont think i would wear a “head hoodie”. i do however think are interesting, and would probably admire somebody with the guts to put one on. and besides that, only a select few can pull off a hoodie in the first place!!

    [[Who Cares!!]] ®

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