win an iphone on ThisNext

How to Enter:

1.) Go to ThisNext and recommend the items you would stand in line for.

2.) Tag it “crave”

3.) Multiple entries increase your chances of winning.


You watched them all stand in line (or should we say camp out in line) for the hottest gadget of the year, the iPhone. Now you can win your own iPhone from the comfort of your desk by recommending the items you love so much you would stand in line for them.

By recommending the products you love and tagging them “crave” you will be entered to win the 4GB iPhone, multiple entries increase your chances of winning.

Apple has revolutionized the cell phone with their newest gadget, the iPhone. The iPhone plays music and videos, allows you to surf the internet, view photos, get directions, take pictures, you can even make calls… the only thing the iPhone can’t do it make you dinner (well maybe if you ask nicely).

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