Review: Lamisilk Intensive Foot Therapy

The good people at Lamisilk gave me some products from their Intensive Foot Therapy line to test out. Now mind you, I haven’t had a professional pedicure in sometime so they really had a hard subject to test on. It’s not that I don’t like pedicures, its just that I get a bit paranoid about the cleanliness.

On to the review ….

What: Lamisilk CLEANSE Exfoliating Scrub, Lamisilk HYDRATE Daily Hydrating Cream, and Lamisilk PROTECT Overnight Moisturing Seal. This 3 step product line can be used alone or all you can use all three products for maximum results.

Packaging: I am sucker for packaging, especially when it comes to foot care. Seriously, here comes so deep dark secrets … The foot lotion I typically use is Gold Bond and let me tell you something, it works. BUT. But, its embarrassing as hell. I hide it when I have guests over for the fear that I will look like I am 85 years old.

So it was quite refreshing to see Lamisilk have non-mortifying purple, very feminine packaging. Totally dug it.

How it felt: The exfoliating scrub was a bit odd to me, while it felt nice it wasn’t working hard enough for me. Perhaps its my ruff souls but I wanted it to feel like I was rubbing sandpaper on my feet not a gentle rub of oatmeal.

The Daily Hydrating cream felt really nice and smooth; but again I wanted something more …. more orthopedic like my Gold Bond. I need tingles to tell me its working.

The Protect Overnight lotion was my favorite. It has a nice thick yet non-greasy feeling to it that made me know it was working. My feet also felt great in the morning. I highly recommend that product.

And the smell: Smell was great. Very feminine and nothing like the 85 year old woman smell I get from other creams.

Conclusion: In conclusion, for my daily creams I am sticking to Gold Bond but at night Lamisilk’s Protect Overnight lotion will be on my nightstand.

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