Opps Elle Did it Again…

Look what Perez found (gee that title sure sounds familiar…hehe). Looks like Elle is back to their same photoshop tricks. Hey Elle, quit it already we see these celebrities way to often too ever think these changes are true!

Photoshop Much????

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Mushy Fartone is on the cover of the new British Elle.

At least we ‘think’ it’s her.

Is that a painting?????

4 thoughts on “Opps Elle Did it Again…”

  1. That sort of reminds me of what happens to people when they do online dating. What you see AIN’T neccesarily what you get, huh?

    Well, at least they didn’t make her skinnier.

  2. WOW – no way are here boobs that big. And what have they done to her jawline (or face in general!)
    Nice hair tho =)

  3. Yeah at least they didn’t make her skinnier… BUT are they trying to make her look a little more plump with the way she’s turned/angle of shot & the huge boobs that are obv not her own?
    Who do they think they are fooling with the jawline looking so pixelly?

  4. I don’t even see her pic dat much…but even I know her boobs aren’t dat big!..What were they thinking?!

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