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Ever since Marc Jacobs made those great fabric shoulder bags in wild colorful zebra prints (like 2 years ago) I have been obsessed with the shape of that bag. I never knew what to look for when I was out shopping… weird fabric shouldery sack bag doesn’t do so well in search engines. So I gave up and hoped I would stumble upon one.

Last week I was tipped off to a very eclectic website that sells handbags and jewelry, called Novica. Novica gives artists and artisans from around the world a place express their artistic talents, and gives us shoppers a unique and fulfilling experience. It really does. Which each item there is bio of the actual person who has created the unique item. I love me some Marc Jacobs, but to know that a man named Jakkarin Yakhet designed this bag is pretty cool (at least to me it is)

So I found what I was looking for, a really cool weird fabric shouldery bag 😉 Best part is its less than $62 and the chances of seeing someone else wearing it on the streets are slim. I am going to rock this with my Taverniti jeans, layered tanks, and lots of wooden beaded bracelets and that sweet leather one above.

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  1. Love the bag. I actually bought a similiar style but it has studs and is a fuschia color. It’s a comfortable wear.

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