My first L.A.M.B bag

L.A.M.B is just about the only celebrity line that at the sight of it I don’t angrily shake my fist. The clothes are great and the bags are even greater. I have been lusting over the bags in the L.A.M.B collection for about a year now. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $400 or $500 on a bag that wasn’t a “real” designer. I tried to let the moment pass, but it kept on coming back and with each moment prices went up. With prices soaring into the $700 zone it was clear that these bags had reached “must-have” territory.

I was about to give up my dream of owning a L.A.M.B. bag (sniffle, sniffle), but then the Nordstrom Anniversary sale to the rescue. If you aren’t familiar with the Nordstrom Anniversary sale format let me clue you in. Nordies debuts the fall collections at the end of July and puts them on sale for only a few weeks. After the two weeks the prices go up to regular retail. The sense of urgency is there. There is no waiting for something to go on sale; it starts on sale so you better get it while it’s hot.

So when I saw that the newest from the L.A.M.B. collection was on “sale” I didn’t know what do to. Do I ignore the moment or embrace the sweet taste of a sale? I walked away from the bag only to sit and still through my 8 hour work day thinking about it. Clock strikes 6:00 and I am on the phone with everyone Nordstrom in Los Angeles only to find they are sold out. Gasp! With one more desperate call to the Nordstrom at The Grove I found my bag (the last one in L.A.). I was able to con the girl into holding for an hour for me, which was barely enough time with Friday evening traffic. In the end success was mine; I am the proud new owner of a L.A.M.B. bag. I paid $417.50 (gosh it even hurts to type that) after the sale end on Aug.6 the price will soar to $625.

6 thoughts on “My first L.A.M.B bag”

  1. It’s ok…I just dropped money at Nordstroms on several pairs of shoes that I HAD to buy…who wouldn’t want silver shoes?

  2. I bought the same one at the anniversary sale yesterday. LOVE!!!!!

    I was carrying it last night and some girl stopped me to tell me it was bada$$!! COOL!

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