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You’re blog is totally my favorite guilty pleasure. I would love to see a list of what you consider to be “must haves” for summer. Clothing, make-up, whatever. I also love your “get fit” section. It inspires me to eat healthier and feel happier.

Thanks for the all the good reading 🙂

love, m

Thank you so much for the Fashion Kitty love! I have been such a horrible girl by not answering my mail soon enough. Better late than never right? If you haven’t noticed yet I signed up for Twitter, that way you can always know what I am up to if I am slow to post. Could be a shopping excursion update or just me out on the town.

On to my summer must haves:

  1. Johnson Shorts- I have 4 pairs and 2 knock offs (hehe) I need them to look hot and keep cool this summer
  2. Hot as hell Ruthie Davis Heels- I have been living in these bad boys. They don’t exactly have “summer” written all over them but they make my legs look hot in my super short dresses and they cover up my un-pedicured toes.
  3. Short Dresses- The shorter the better for a “dirty flirty” summer.
  4. Smashbox Cosmetics- This kit I bought at the beginning of the summer has really got me through the summer nights on the town.
  5. LAMB Perfume- even though it only recently came out this is SO my signature scent and I can’t leave home without it this summer.
  6. Aviators glasses- Black aviators have shielded my precious eyes from the sun and have made me look like a total bad ass all summer.
  7. Ed Hardy Hats- I LIVE in these over the weekends, seriously.
  8. True Religion Jeans- I love my Trues because they are baggy and comfy for summer, no matter how hot it is outside I will be wearing jeans at some point.
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