How cute is this!? Hello Kitty Costume

I love cats, like a lot (I mean I am Fashion Kitty), so I am thrilled to pieces over this absurd Hello Kitty cat costume … or as Gizmodo calls it “Hello Kitty, goodbye dignity.”

Leave to the Japanese to come up with the “Hello Kitty transformation set” (that is the loose translation) which is fully equipped with a bonnet, a bib, collar, and a tote to carry around your very embarrassed kitty.

Sure this “outfit” may be degrading to cats and some may even argue that it’s cruel, but seriously why should dogs have all the fun? Dogs have it just as well as us fashionable humans do; designer clothes from Juicy Couture, Louis Vuitton beds, diamond studded collars … you name it they’ve got it. Cats, however, they have catnip and this lousy cat stroller I saw online.

As a cat fan I want to humiliate my cat and dress it up in ridiculous outfits, so let’s hope the Japanese are about to start a trend here.

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