Hey Paula … You Stink!

Ever want to know what painkillers, a bottle of vodka, and botched breast implants smell like? Just take a whiff of Paula Abdul’s new signature fragrance and you will find out.

Yep that’s right folks … another celebrity branded perfume, as if our fragrance hangover wasn’t bad enough with the lingering aroma of breast milk and malt liquo,r aka Britney Spears’ perfume. And my nostrils are still bleeding from the stench of Marc Antony’s morning breath and drag queen approved cosmetics aka J Lo’s Glow perfume. Now, I have to be sick from Paula’s perfume. Great. Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any worse.

I would imagine if you were to actually spray this perfume on your body you would probably end up with a DUI (if you watch this video, you will know exactly what I mean). I watched the video twice and I still can’t figure out the name of the perfume through Paula’s drunken banter, I think she said Love Spell or something that has to do with love. But honestly, who cares … is anyone really going to buy this trash? If anyone out there raised there hand “yes,” I hope you don’t like having friends because you won’t have any after a spritz of this junk.

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