Dumbass of the Day

Take a good hard look at America’s Next Top Model’s judge, Jay Manuel. Does that look like someone you want to take cosmetic advice from? To me he resembles a more fashionable version of an oompa-loompa. If you handed him a make up brush and let him go to town you would probably end up with shiny orange skin, heavily lined eyes, and frosty lips. Scary.

Since ANTM’s season is over, I guess our little Jay-bird is bored. His solution was to create a generic looking cosmetic line for the Shopping Channel. The collection includes an eye brow grooming kit, standards like mascara and foundation, as well as cleansing wipes and brushes. The worst part about the collection is not only does it looks like you could buy better at Target, but the prices are way too high — ranging from $29- $44.

Hopefully this failure will slip away unnoticed, but something tells me it won’t. I did get this tip from Perez, who doesn’t let any good gossip slip under the cracks. Jay, next time ask Tyra if you can help her out on the off season, maybe she will let you brush her wigs and get her lunch. Just an idea.

7 thoughts on “Dumbass of the Day”

  1. Actually he’s doing Canada’s Next Top Model Now… but still that’s already been recorded
    I mean Jay is looking freakishly like a ken doll more and more every time we see him…
    One of my friends had never watched the show before & I had it on the TV – she couldn’t tell if Jay was a man or woman.

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