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I have been having a pretty wild summer, after all it is Viva La Lauren summer … which means I have about 4 brain cells in my head after a night of “swimming” in my new T-Bags dress. So today, in my partially brain dead state, I could only handle two things … 1.) working out and 2.) shopping. I decided that I should hit up DSW because not only has it been a while but my shoes are looking a bit busted.

I found so many pairs of shoes! I looked a crazy person because I had about 5 boxes stacked up and ready to buy. For some reason I became semi-rational because I put 3 pairs back. This paycheck is paying my rent so I didn’t think it was smart to spend down to the wire just because I was temporarily made insane by shoes on sale.

I went to DSW in Studio City because I knew the one in Hollywood would be all picked over (plus there is never a crowd in the Studio City). It was like a pot of clearance gold. I found tons of Marc Jacobs, Roberto Cavalli, Christian Lacroix, Moschino, Missoni … ahhh it was heaven. I ended up leaving with these muy caliente Stella McCartney shoes and these Calvin Klein slides. The Stellas were $299 then 80% off making them $59 and the Calvins were $79 then 80% off making them $15.

So lovely.

I even got a coupon at check out for 15% off my next purchase so once I get paid I am going back to get this sweet pair of Kate Spades and these Italian come fuck me shoes 😉

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  1. i need to move California just for the shopping. Calvins for only $15 bucks at our Calvin outlet shoes are still around $100

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