Dear Fashion Kitty: Dressing for a wedding

I have a cousin’s wedding to on aug. 11th. Unfortunately, she’s 17… i’m 19. But what can i do?

Anyways, I need to know what is appropriate to wear to the wedding. I’m petite size 4. Short hair like Katie Holmes. Latina, so I have olive-skin and a golden complexion.

The wedding will include: church and then the banquet. It’s not extremely fancy, its a simple wedding but mydistant relatives are brutal and they talk about everyone if they look bad.


Eck, weddings … I have never actually been to a wedding so its pretty much remains a mystery to me. Is this a day time wedding or night? I am going to pretend its day time and recommend to you this awesome dress by Milly. Because it’s black and white you can’t go wrong. Your accessories can vary from basic black, to flashy metallics, or a color of your choice … but what I think would look really great is a grouping of pearls (ala Breakfast at Tiffany’s).

I especially love this dress because it is classy yet innocent, hello girly you are only 19 🙂

Good luck and have fun!

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