Bad Kitty

I FINALLY found some time to update my other blog The Bad Kitty online. Check it out>

4 thoughts on “Bad Kitty”

  1. OK I’ll do that in a sec. I was all set to say “YAYYY, you’re back!” over on styledash (Mandy Moore article) but there’s no comment box on the entry. So, I’ll do it here: “Yayyy! You’re back!”

    500 comments, and I laughed at a lot of ’em.

    OK off to the other blog

  2. Haha. Thanks! They had to turn off the comments because people were getting CRAZY. I dish it, so I can take it– but the line gets drawn with racial slurs.

  3. Sad that people only believe that THEY have the right to their opinions. You, BigCup and I don’t count I guess.

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