Why are these sold out?

I just had a moment that had to be shared … I was innocently perusing Urban Outfitter’s website looking for some great bikinis for summer when I saw these monstrosities. Not are only are they a pair of hideous high waisted shorts, but they are sold out. I mean thank goodness no one else can have them BUT many, many people out there already do.

Who do we blame for these as Urban puts is “4-pocket denim shorts cut super-short with an extra-high rise. Trimmed at the high waist with a button closure. Finished with contrast stitching throughout and cuffed hems. Zip fly with button closure.” pants? Do we blame Mischa Barton or do we blame some hard partying junior designer who may have received an unwarranted raise do to the success of these awful shorts?

I need to blame someone!

via StyleDash

7 thoughts on “Why are these sold out?”

  1. Those are awful! I saw the picture of Nicole Richie recently in high waisted jean shorts and it reminded me of a bad clothing day I had in middle school.

    I do have a pair of somewhat high waisted khaki shorts, so I can’t say too much, but it is a very style – more Nellie from South Pacific, very 1940s, not 1980s.

  2. I actually think Nicole Richie is one of the few people who can manage the high-waisted shorts. The ones you posted are fug as hell, but Nicole’s Sass & Bide ones aren’t too bad, I like them! Just beware of the FUPAs.

  3. they are probably totally lying so that people try to “backorder” them and then they can actually sell some. yuck.

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