Spice Up Your Life

I am sure everyone has heard by now, but the Spice Girls are having a reunion tour. So comical to me. The thing that I wonder about is the costumes for the concert. I mean remember back in the day when Ginger Spice wore those whore-ific white go-go boots and a Union Jack dress, Sporty had to always don a track suit and Scary Spice had those freaky hair cones on her head. Clearly those things aren’t popular anymore, so….

What will they wear?

I have no idea, but I am pretty positive Posh will stand their like a robot with her giant boobs out for the world to see.

5 thoughts on “Spice Up Your Life”

  1. The thing that I wonder about is, these types of reunions are usually in response to some sort of fan demand. Makes sense, right? They’d anticipate big tickets sales before any promoters would consider such a tour.

    So, are there that many people out there who have expressed an interest in this? Or do you think it will just be the “freak show” appeal that entertainment seems to be based on these days?

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