Oops I did it again

AOL Welcome Screen has picked up another one of my “bitchy” articles on StyleDash, this one about how men hate baby doll dresses. Again I am a “moron”, “jealous”, oh and… “dependent on me.” LOL. I love it. Why? Because they aren’t even close to true. I love writing to get a rise out of people and clearly its WORKING. I woke up to a Blackberry full of emails/ comments on my post. Check it out and enjoy a morning on reading mean comments about your beloved Fashion Kitty aka Lauren Messiah.


Stand out comment of the moment-

You are an asshole. Even if you are a woman, you are still an ashole

Alexia Admor Strapless Baby Doll Dress

Baby doll dresses give women the freedom to say “yes” to bread. It allows women to say “Sure I will have another cupcake.” It also keeps mouths hushed when it comes to the question “How many calories are in that?”

Ladies did we ever think men actually men enjoyed seeing us in baby doll dresses? We hoped but we were wrong. The New York Post has just published a story damning baby doll dresses straight to hell. What is wrong with a baby doll dress? Let me count the ways:

  1. They make you look pregnant.
  2. They make you look fat.
  3. They make you stuff that carb laden piece of bread down your throat which makes you fat!
  4. Men hate them.

I can hear the cries now, “You shouldn’t dress for a man!” (insert head twist and a snap). But seriously men like women’s bodies and not some poofy sack of fabric. Don’t believe me? Check out these quotes:

Most girls look fatter in them,” he said. “Guys do not like baby doll dresses.

I like ass,” he says. “I like all types of asses and a pair of jeans that really contours to it. I’m not going to hate on baby-dolls, but nothing beats a good ass.”

Still not convinced? Suit yourself. You go ahead and look fat … more men for me. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “Oops I did it again”

  1. First, I had to stop laughing at one of the comments:
    “If by “baby-doll” dresses, you mean “empire waist” dresses, you’re mistaken; we adore them and the women in them. I don’t agree that they make women look pregnant, although they do convey a nuance of fertility, placing a mystery about the womb. No, they don’t outline the derriere, but they suggest it enchantingly when a woman walks. As beautiful as a slim, curvy woman looks with a robe gathered below her breasts, empire waisted dresses can be quite delightful on women on the full-figured side, as well. It’s a very appealing fashion.”

    It’s number 29 on the styledash blog

  2. I notice one trend…most of the “anti-Lauren” comments seem to say things like: “I don’t dress for men” or “who cares what men think”

    Now while it’s not nice to generalize or lump people together, what’s one thing we can bet all those women have in common? (well if we add “not gettin’ any, that’d be 2, right?)

    Have to say though, that site is hard to comment on somtimes. How are we supposed to have your back over there if the program doesn’t work!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think you rock!!! yes i want to look good for guys, in my case my husband because even if they tell you you look fine with your dress, as soon as other girl walks by with jeans or some tide dress they are soooo looking the other way, which is not you!!!!
    So fine for all those girls who say ” they don’t dress for men” but for me that’s just telling your self a LIE!!!!

  4. I so agree are thses women fools?
    in my book it is straight up maternity wear even my husband who is a regular guy said why are these dresses all for pregnant women..

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