Look What I Got…

Someone bought Kitty a present this weekend…..


Juicy Couture Strawberry Charm

What’s the catch? The catch is that this berry isn’t going anywhere near your mouth. With all of the hot dogs, hamburgers, and mayonnaise-laden “salads” you will be ingesting this holiday weekend you won’t need anymore actual food to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Juicy Couture has managed to keep the good charms coming with their newest batch, which includes soccer balls, martinis, banana splits, and even a diploma for the grads. The actual charm bracelet has been sold in department stores and boutiques for years and years, but the charms are always changing.

I wasn’t even interested in the charm bracelet trend until I fell in love with last season’s lipstick charm and began to fill up my $35 bracelet. Now it’s not only becoming addicting, but fun to collect all of the charms. I have a feeling I might need to buy a second bracelet this season.

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