Its War

There is a comment war going on over my Kelly Fatson post over on StyleDash because I was featured on the AOL welcome screen again. Apparently I am a horrible person!!! LOL. Go prove em wrong kittens and add some of your kick ass supportive posts.

Here is the link>

8 thoughts on “Its War”

  1. LOL, I only discovered your styledash entry because it was featured on the Welcome screen, but you can bet you’re added to my favorites now. You hit it right on the head in all the entries I read since then, so remember, the harshest reactions come from people who can’t handle the truth.

    LOL@ Kelly Fatson, by the way.

  2. bahahahaha seriously – its a post…if they dont like it wouldn’t they just not comment it and no read any more of your work – surely that would be a bigger hit than leaving hate comments.

  3. Yeah, I am conflicted. I really like a lot of your stuff, but agree there is no need to use the kind of language you did to describe Kelly, who is no bigger than lots of your readers I am sure. As someone who is likely the same size as Kelly, I must admit it made me feel kinda bad.

  4. P.S. I don’t diasagree with you about the photoshopping, I just don’t feel it is necessary to be so derogatory towards KC just beause she is not as thin as sdhe looks in the piucture. I am sure it is Elle, and not she, who made that decision and edited the picture. She was not thin when she became AI, why should she be now?

  5. I didn’t really think that your comment was bad at all. Big Kel isn’t necessarily an insult. She’s bigger than she was before, so what; why is that an insult. Big is just an adjective.
    Lets not miss the forest for the trees; the important issue is the poor, deceptive Photoshop work.

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