Hello Kitty is Picking Up the Tab

Hello Kitty fanatics have pretty much had every itch scratched when it comes to Hello Kitty products … toasters, scales, coffee makers, watches, clothing, bags — you name it Hello Kitty has got it. When it comes to buying all of those great items you are on your own. Just whip out your boring credit card, what is it platinum or something … yawn.

It’s time to impress all of your friends and show them how adorable you really are (or how much of crazy animated cat addict you are).

Here is what you do:

  1. Take your favorite gal pals out to lunch.
  2. Check comes, offer to pay.
  3. Whip out your Hello Kitty Visa.
  4. Sit back and listen to the jealous squeals coming from your friends.

The Hello Kitty Platinum Plus Visa
is now available and for a limited time when you apply you will receive a free sequined coin purse (cue the squeals). I am not credit card expert but it sounds pretty great; no annual fee, online access, points per dollar, and a 24 hr concierge service which is like having your own personal assistant in your pocket.

6 thoughts on “Hello Kitty is Picking Up the Tab”

  1. “no annual fee, online access, points per dollar, and a 24 hr concierge service” – arent these standard for every card? mine isn’t even premium and i already have those.. plus many instalment opportunities..

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