Good things happen to girls that wait

Remember my hoodie post where I waited to buy and then I was horribly disappointed? That was proof that good things don’t always happen to girl who wait. However today I had some good shopping karma when I was shopping at Betsey Johnson.

Since Christmas I have been lusting over Betsey Johnson’s Bambi dress but it was a.) impossible to find and b.) when I did find it was $400 (ouch). So today when I stopped into BJ after my eyebrow wax I was shocked to see one of them on the sale rack and in my size!!! Not only was it on sale it was on super sale. Marked $192 and when they rang it up it came to $138. A shopping miracle.

I am going to wear it next week out on the town with my leopard print Betsey Johnson polly pumps. Hooray!

Beth Ostravsky

Bambi Print Dres

3 thoughts on “Good things happen to girls that wait”

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  2. I LOVE when this happens!!!

    I actually was waiting for a LaRok shirt to go on sale, and it went on supersale last week! I snatched it up before someone else did.

    YAY for you!

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