Fatty Clarkson

Here is the thing about Photoshop– we all know it exists but we are typically fooled by it and are constantly obsessing over how we want to look like “that”. Sad but true. Every so often the Photoshop gods and goddess get a little pixel happy and they aren’t fooling anyone. In fact they are just plain insulting to us loyal readers and to the celebrity being photographed.

Photoshop insult of the month is Elle magazine featuring a “thin” Kelly Clarkson on the cover. When the issue of Elle arrived in my mailbox I wasn’t even sure who it was. At first I said to myself “Why is Mandy Moore on the cover again, she was just on two months ago?” then I said “Wtf is that Kelly Clarkson? I am not reading this trash.” Unfortunately I had to open the magazine for the sake of this blog post and it is utterly ridiculous the whole spread is pretty pathetic.

C’mon this isn’t even remotely convincing, not only did we just see big Kel stomping around the American Idol Finale stage barefoot and plump but she has been all over the tabloids (also looking plump) acting like a total diva. So Elle if you are listening better luck next time, either show ’em big or just get ’em small.

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5 thoughts on “Fatty Clarkson”

  1. A good angle and a big bow do wonders… but nothing beats photoshop.

    I’d shave off some of my child-bearing hips with that software.

  2. Kelly should be embarrassed. That cover isn’t fooling anybody, she should have had the courage to allow herself to be portrayed as she really is.

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