Fashion’s Most Hated?

I am well on my way…

*comments from My hump, my hump, Katie’s lovely baby bump

Ur a nasty jealous wanna b famous wanna b rich bitter idiot who Im

quit sure will never know the kind of life these people have let

alone HAVE one. It makes me smile to think that U think you know

these people. Katie a joke??? No, that would be you!

u r a jealous wanna b famous, wanna b rich but cant so I bash the

stars idiot!

Lauren, I have a 12 year old that deals with jealousy better than you!

How sad that you can find nothing but bitter things to say about Tom

Cruise and Katie Holmes. If you don’t like what’s showing turn to

another channel! Tom didn’t choose you, move on!

Don’t you people realize that the writers like Lauren make their

money by stirring up idiots who want to confront her and make her


That last one was dead on!

2 thoughts on “Fashion’s Most Hated?”

  1. It really annoys me that the site over there doesn’t work. Half of the fun I get out of reading your entries over on Styledash is reading the comments you get, and loving how you hit ’em right where they live! I mean I can almost visualize them foaming at the mouth as they bang out those comments. I wish they’d fix it, cause I need MY fix.

    Loved LOVED L O V E D the Kimmy article you wrote. I would have loved to see what kind of commentary that got.

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