Win Some Junx

I may not be able to post as much as I used to, but don’t even tell me I don’t keep you in the loop on winning cool stuff.


Just in case you were living under a rock… Mother’s Day is on May 13th. What have you bought for your Mom this year? We want to know what you are getting/ would like to get/ what would be the perfect gift (ok you get it) for your Mamma this year. The ThisNext user who makes the best recommendations will win a ipod Nano Gift Box with chocolates for your Mom (or maybe you can just keep it for yourself- we won’t tell). Just by tagging it “MomRocks.

Here is how to play:

1.) Recommend items for Mother’s Day

2.) Tag them “MomRocks”

3.) Multiple entries increase your chances of winning

So get to entering… do it for Mom.


Shopbop is giving stuff away too… A shopping spree!

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