Skull Ring Update

Message from the kind gentleman looking for the Dior ring for his g/f….

I had to call a boutique in NYC and they knew exactly what piece I was talking about. It was in Elle Magazine and it’s a one-of-a-kind. It costs $45,000.

Ouch! That is one hefty price tag!

Oh and check out this comment…. I love hate comments 🙂 Hate on bitches. Hate on! And yes…I do love this ring.

omg that is the ugliest looking and saddest piece of jewelry i’ve ever seen. it is a skull people, we have skin covering them for a reason, hello? if you are going to wear skulls please make it look less like you picked it up in a morgue and cleaned it up? can you really be serious, or do you actually like it? sorry if you do, it just looks really strange to me, and if i wore it on a first date or something, i don’t know how into me my date would be. if he had a ring like that i would be i am outta here! everything else you have ever put on this blog is awesome, so you please do not tell me you are serious. again if you are sorry, it’s just so….skull-like or something. maybe on halloween, ok enough from me.

16 thoughts on “Skull Ring Update”

  1. I don’t mind the ring…but def wouldn’t pay $45,000 even if I had that money to spend on a ring!!!
    Geez – someone really doesn’t like skulls?!?!
    When will the ThixNext comp winner be annouced?

  2. Hey- I think they should cut up
    a nice chunk of rib, stick some diamonds on it and charge AT LEAST
    $30,000. I would buy them and give them out to all my friends.

  3. Sooo stylin….. Skulls are so sexy, so hot. I want to stroke the cranium of one and caress the eye sockets.
    Anyone who has one must be at the height of fashion. I will follow them and beg to insert diamonds into their
    bony foreheads. When they die, I will
    make their skulls into big rings and
    sell them on Ebay for big $$$ !!!!

  4. I think skulls are very sexy and feminine. They speak to me of beauty
    and pretty things. The person who designed these is obviously in touch with the feminine psyche. My boyfriend gets especially turned on
    when I put on my skull mask.

  5. These rings would be nice paired with
    a vial of pigs blood. When I go to a
    devil worship ceremony, I want to
    look HOT !!

  6. I saw a fashion show a while back where the models were wearing trash bags. Maybe they had these rings on too?

  7. A mockery of fashion. There is a tale – ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’. Lots of people loved the clothes (ring)– ooh aah how special it is, they said. But one little girl, said… ‘Hey the ring looks like shit’. The word spread and one day everyone realized
    that a skull ring for $45000 made by Dior was actually a piece of shit.

  8. I like to copy everyone else. They are all wearing skulls this fall.
    I do not care if it is not beautiful.
    I must buy this $45000 skull ring.

  9. It all depends you wear it. It is twisted version of the regular skull ring. I love it. I don’t have money to pay for it but If I enough money to pay for it, why not? So cute!

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