Red Denim

I have been eye ballin’ this trend ever since I saw Christina rocking them (even though her face looks a hot mess). I thought they were cute and kinda wanted a pair. Then I saw Carmen Electra in a pair and thought about buying a pair. Suddenly every fashion mag in town had red jeans. Then I really wanted them. I rationalized how foolish it would be to spend any kind of real money on red jeans. These are really a flash in the fashion pan.However, last night a fashion-fad miracle came true. I was shopping at Antropologie with a friend to see if there was anything good on sale for my apartment. We moseyed up to the sale clothes when my friend screamed in horror “ewww look at these ugly jeans.” They were of course the red jeans I was dreaming of.

At only $39 for a pair of red AG Adriana Goldschmied…. I had to snatch them up and head to the dressing room. They were hot! I plan on going simple by pairing them with a cute black top and my Michael Kors black wedges. Woo hooo… hooray for sales!

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  1. I was only just reading a glossy mag this morning that featured Red jeans…and I thought they looked hot…

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