Paris Goes to Jail Bracelet

(Written by the lovely Kristopher Dukes, republished from the ThisNext Blog)

When she’s not getting hated on for her think-pink “Paris Is My Cell Mate” bracelet

I’m pissed I didn’t think of it first, too.

—Jewelry designer Lisa S. of Red Freckles is donating all proceeds from the $5 rubber band to MADD, and ThisNexting items Paris’ll need in prison (check her list here).

A lawyer by trade, Lisa says Paris got a “raw deal.”

“I made this bracelet because she is a loyal customer, she’s always been nice to me, she’s a nice girl, people don’t give her enough credit,” says Lisa. “She made a mistake and she learned her lesson. Suspend her license, put her in jail for a few days, but 45 days in a prison with murderers is NOT the answer. Even Martha Stewart went to a country club. I’m not saying she shouldn’t take responsibility—but the sentencing was harsh and used to make an example out of her.”

Read on as we play Q&A…

…continued: Q+A with Red Freckles, Creator of “Paris Is My Cell Mate” Bracelet

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