Marc Jacobs Gets Social

Marc Jacobs MySpace ProfileRemember the days when MySpace was only for child predators and people reuniting with old friends? Now it’s chock full of porn stars, celebrities, and even politicians! (Do you expect me to believe that Obama is spending hours on Myspace?)

Well MySpace now has a more fashionable notch on its belt… the ever fabulous Marc Jacobs. Now those burning questions can finally be answered like what music Marc listens to, his favorite show (it’s South Park), and what kind of friends he has. Why the heck did Marc “sign up” for MySpace anyway? Well according to him-

“I saw that my boyfriend has a MYSPACE page so therefore I wanted one of my own..I live mostly in Paris working as creative director of Louis Vuitton & the other half of the year I’m work on my line Marc Jacobs. I keep very busy!!!!”

And is anyone else noticing that Marc got hot, the wonders of rehab I suppose.

(republished from StyleDash)

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