High End Summer

The unofficial start of summer is almost here and what better way to prepare for the occasion than to hunt for hot summer fashions. In true fashionista form, I “surf” the high end designers’ inventory to find out who is trying to make a quick buck in honor of summer. You know — over priced beach towels, sunglasses, designer beach bags, and of course brand stamped surf gear.

$450 Louis Vuitton beach towel, (seriously no one is going to hijack your beach chair with this baby laying on it). Another summer staple is a pricey pair of sunglasses to make the other beach bunnies jealous, pretty sure these $700 Gucci rimless studded shades will do the trick.

If spending the summer on the beach is not the way you envision your summer… try camping. Ralph Lauren has you covered with a camp chair that costs nearly $5,000 — just try not to get it dirty, okay?

Or forget about camping and spend your five grand on something a little more practical, like a Chanel Surfboard. Chanel doesn’t sell the surfboard to just anyone so call your local Chanel boutique for more information. Surf’s up dude!

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3 thoughts on “High End Summer”

  1. This is great. Now thats surfing in style! I wonder what type of bikini or rash guard she is wearing under the outfit.

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