I am on a blog-roll. Hahaa…. Oh pardon me I have lost my mind its 11:30 and I am still at the office. BUT I do want to let my kittens get the first look at ThisNext’s blog facelift. Check it out here>

And check out this girly grill I felt compelled to blog about- oh the things you will do at 11:30.


Scary or stylish? You Decide. Okay, I will decide. It’s scary, scary as a clown in a dark room but it also BBQ comic genius. I can’t really see a grown man standing over this hog flipping burgers but I can easily see myself standing over this pink pig of power rotating my veggie kabobs. How much are you willing to shell out for a hilarious grill… $1,600? Pretty pricey joke- but if you’ve got that kind of dough lying around by all means go for it.

And for some porky recipes check out this book- a tribute to all thing pig.

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