Emergency Face

Gone are the days of me carrying around a sack of cosmetics everywhere I go. I put on my makeup in the morning and go. The only thing I carry around is MAC Studio Fix (only b/c I happen to have accidentally bought 2 because I swore someone stole mine…oops on my part) and I also carry about 3-4 different lip glosses. I am not in high school anymore so why would have I have to carry my eyeshadow, mascara, primer, foundation and all that other stuff?

Well turns out I should for cases like last night. Kitty has a little too much to drink and crashes at a friends house. Wakes up and realizes “I look like shit and have no tools to fix myself”

What’s a kitty to do?

Kitty walks her ass over to MAC and gets a makeover.


Kitty isn’t ghetto, so she also purchases the products MAC used to make her look so lovely (plus some). Here is what is on my emergency face:

MAC Shadow in Smut and Shale

MAC Pigment in Kitschmas

I also picked up another brush to add to my collection. I was told this one is perfect for laying on color, then I can use my other brushes to blend and stuff.

I also tried out some other neat things that I didn’t buy (yet), one being this cool moisturizing mist. It smelled really nice and hydrated my face, which has been really dry lately- I also think it will be good for the HOT LA summer.

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