Dear Fashion Kitty

My g/f found the attached ring in a magazine. It said it was by DIOR, but I can’t find it anywhere. I keep seeing your face and advice out there and I wondered if you could help me locate this. Thank you in advance!

Hi there,

Yes, yes, yes….that is one beautiful ring. I blogged about and ThisNexted it. This is one of those special order, prize upon request deal-i-o’s. Go to to find a store near you that sells accessories… Oh and if you do find out how much this hot little number PLEASE let your dear Fashion Kitty know.

Good luck and you have one LUCKY girlfriend.

One thought on “Dear Fashion Kitty”

  1. omg that is the ugliest looking and saddest piece of jewelry i’ve ever seen. it is a skull people, we have skin covering them for a reason, hello? if you are going to wear skulls please make it look less like you picked it up in a morgue and cleaned it up? can you really be serious, or do you actually like it? sorry if you do, it just looks really strange to me, and if i wore it on a first date or something, i don’t know how into me my date would be. if he had a ring like that i would be i am outta here! everything else you have ever put on this blog is awesome, so you please do not tell me you are serious. again if you are sorry, it’s just so….skull-like or something. maybe on halloween, ok enough from me.

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